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With offices conveniently located throughout Minnesota, each doctor is equipped with state-of-the-art scientific technology and the most advanced measurements and motivational programs to help serve our community. Dramatically different from most anything else on the market, we are committed to creating a revolution in mind and body wellness.

What is Chiropractic? 

As chiropractors, our objective is to analyze the spine, locate and correct vertebral subluxations. Subluxations are misalignments of the spine that interfere with the nervous system, causing pain and dysfunction.

Chiropractic is based on the scientific fact that your body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism controlled by the brain, spinal cord and nerves. The 24 bones of the spine, or vertebrae, surround and protect the spinal cord and nerves.

The chiropractic method of correction is by specific adjustments of the spine, which are intended to correct vertebral subluxations over time, thereby allowing the innate (inborn) healing abilities of the body to work at maximum efficiency.

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